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Deliv Agent is the solution you need to make your business stand out. It offers you the needed visibility to optimize schedules efficiently and dispatch product/services easier and faster. We are a cloud based solution committed to delivering quick turnaround time for businesses looking to offer impeccable and timely appointment services to its clients; pickup and delivery services seeking to streamline their process of pick-up and delivery; taxi companies who want to improve the efficiency of their services by using task management software, field force management companies looking to efficiently assign tasks and monitor their field agents, while keeping customers updated to remove any ambiguities.

Dispatch Panel

Manage Your Customers, Agents and Tasks with Ease

We know the importance of dispatch software programs for effective communication in keeping customers satisfied, which is why our services enables you to keep your customers… Read More

Take Appropriate Decisions Based On Analytics

Logistics software solution provides in-depth understanding of your business operations with top-quality data analytics. You can then use these data and reports to improve operational … Read More

Fits Excellently with Your Current Systems

Our aim is not to distort your present applications, rather, we aim to modernize and make it more flexible so as to better manage current field requirements by giving you the… Read More




Increase Productivity of Agents

With our cloud based solution, you can make your field agents and drivers more productive by streamlining all aspects of your operations. This will enable your agents to be more efficient in delivering services to customers.… Read More

Allows you manage your business better

Because we use the latest cloud technologies, you don’t have to worry about how your system runs, we will handle that.… Read More


Agent App

Receive and Manage Multiple Tasks

Your agents need to be able to handle multiple tasks on the field if your business is to achieve its aims.

Receive Reminder Push Notifications for Pending Tasks

Agents are human and can forget pending tasks. Your business does not need this, which is why there is a reminder notification to keep your agents on track always.

Smart Route And Navigation With ETA

We monitor traffic for your agents, so they will never be late. Also, your agents will never get lost as we have a superb navigation system.



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"Love this app. My business has certainly received a boost since I started using it"


"Amazing! That is the word the sums up this app. Easy to use, efficient and result oriented. My business will never be the same"


"My business is better organized, I now know what my agents are up to and can easily assign them tasks"


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Explore How Deliv Agent Suits Your Industry and Business


Now you can manage your appointments without hassle and will never miss an appointment.

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Taxi Service

Streamlining your taxi service can lead to better service delivery, customer satisfaction and reduce cost.

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Field Workforce

With our cloud solution, you can better manage your field agents with less hassle.We help you monitor your agents in real time.

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Pickup & Delivery

With our cloud solution, you can now effectively handle your pick-up and delivery solutions without hassle.

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