Route Optimization Software Features

Intelligent route dispatching systems are the latest delivery management standard. On-demand Route Optimization Software has improved far beyond the traditional ‘point A to point B delivery’ module, enabling an active operational workflow between dispatchers, fleets, and customers with on-demand flexibility using real-time data.

On-demand Route Optimization Software allows you to optimize routes for faster delivery and improve customer satisfaction. With the help of dynamic route optimization app, you can turn your SME or enterprise business into an end-to-end technology solution as it can perform the following tasks:

1. Reduces resource overtime and costs
2. Encourages customer and employee loyalty
3. Enables last-mile deliveries
4. Prevents delivery errors and exceptions

An ideal route optimization software features can build the road to your business success. Some features that can help in route optimization are given below:

1. Automated Dispatching:

On-demand Route Optimization Software delights your customers by delivering their order at the right time and place. Dispatching feature automates the procedure of selecting the best driver and vehicle based on delivery time, direction, driver availability, vehicle load capacity and more.

2. Smart Routing:

Smart routing is a useful feature that offers instant data on traffic, weather, and optimal speed. As a result, it saves time, fuel consumption, vehicle costs and can provide more delivery drops.

3. Increase Customer Loyalty:

People prefer timely deliveries. Route optimization software provides real-time information and allows interacting with them via a delivery route map. It has the feature of automating SMS replies that help to build customer loyalty and make them loyal customers.

4. Real-Time Job Tracking:

Route management software eliminates guesswork by using delivery tracking feature. The feature of real-time job tracking can choose and safely guide drivers to deliver parcels on time, using the shortest possible route. It eliminates wasted miles and idle time.

5. Real-Time Service Feedback:

It updates customers in real time and gives the option to provide feedback. If you provide efficient services, people will trust you and become loyal customers.

6. iOS and Android Courier Apps:

A user-friendly app makes the function of both drivers and passengers app much more comfortable. Drivers get directions, view their delivery route, contact customer and receive feedback. Work staff receives digital signatures to prove delivery and receive new delivery tasks from the delivery business

7. Proof of Delivery:

Another essential feature of route management software is delivery proof which builds trust among customers. It gives operational efficiency and builds the long-lasting relationship with buyers.

8. White-labeled Booking Form:

White label booking form makes the tasks of booking easier as customers will be able to log in and quickly place delivery requests. It dispatches and manages the delivery instantly as soon as the order is placed.

9. Live Management Dashboard:

Live management dashboard manages your fleet under one roof. It gives real-time information about the available drivers, delivery assignments, order pickups, and drop-offs and delivery status.

10. API Integration:

The existing logistics system can be integrated with a route optimization API on your site and app. It brings efficiency to the business and provides a consistent delivery experience.


Route optimization software improves and scales your business while automating delivery management efficiently and cost-effectively. It adds value to the overall company and brings customer satisfaction. The above-mentioned features for route optimization software empower the delivery workflow and make your delivery business efficient.

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