9 Logistics and Transportation Startups to Get Inspiration For Business Growth

A lot of developing countries are also moving forward at a rapid pace with the help of advancements in the tech sector., especially in the eCommerce space, which is targeting the well-established sector of logistics and transportation startups. The increase in retail businesses and the continuous demands of the customers have led to the rapid progress of the logistics sector. All these have given birth to the more innovative logistics and transportation startups startups. Breaking the traditional barriers prevailing in the existing ecosystem, these startups have been introduced into the marketplace by keeping technology as the core essence, for smarter, faster and cost-effective services.

The transportation industry saw a surge in money, which is expected to rise in the future. Often these startups are less popular as most of the business persons are unaware of its potential. To help you in this regard, we have decided to prepare a list of some promising startups that are looking to get a boost in this industry.

For customers, moving things from one location to another is very expensive. However, it can become more comfortable if they find a delivery partner. If you’re new to the business of the transportation and logistics sector, read the article below to get the knowledge and inspiration this year.

Here are the 9 logistics and transportation startups to get inspiration for business growth:

1. BuddyTruk:

BuddyTruk makes the moving process simple. It creates the connection of consumers with a local person with a truck driver or truck owner. They can earn up to $40/hour. The consumer saves money by paying a person, not a company. This helps in making the delivery task in hours instead of days. The startup now operates in Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, and Orange County.

2. Chariot:

The office commute in San Francisco is expensive and time-consuming. Chariot is building better transit routes that are faster than public transport, and cheaper than taxi or Uber. It manages routes and pick-up/drop-off stop by learning home and work addresses from the users. It’s Chariots (14-passenger vans) use custom technology to route and service customers. Chariot is enabling 60,000 rides a month and has brought prices down to $3 on specific routes.

3. ClearMetal:

Shipping carriers, shipment organizers, and others in the supply chain struggle to get the right asset at the right place and make the most optimal trade decisions. ClearMetal generates highly accurate predictions to help the industry solve its most complex challenges, that include efficient placement of ocean containers and plan vessel space. ClearMetal’s platform has shown millions of dollars of incremental savings potential and revenue generation for some of the largest logistics providers in the world.

4. Darkstore:

Darkstore is an on-demand delivery platform that helps e-commerce companies to offer on-demand services in San Francisco. Tuft and Needle, e-commerce startups, are already using them to power same-day deliveries.

5. Doorman:

The doorman has a mobile app that people can use to organize deliveries by appointment. Consumers get their packages shipped to Doorman and choose the day and time they want it to be delivered by Doorman. Doorman also provides an API that e-commerce companies can integrate with to let shoppers choose a delivery day and time during checkout.

6. InstaFreight:

InstaFreight is a platform that matches, truck drivers with excess capacity in their vehicles, and businesspeople who need to ship cargo via an app. InstaFreight saves the firm’s time and money by calculating a fixed price at once, depending on loading and unloading destinations as well as the type of freight.

7. Lugg:

Lugg makes it easier to move anything to reach its desired destination. Their mobile app allows a consumer to connect with a truck and two movers. Customers set up a pickup location, add a photo of the item they want to move, and the movers are on the way. The movers reach you within 15–60 minutes, instead of hours. Lugg picks up from San Francisco, San Mateo, Foster City, Oakland, Fremont, and Hayward but can drop stuff anywhere in the Bay Area.

8. Onfleet:

Businesses managing their delivery fleet need an all-encompassing logistics solution to handle their couriers. Onfleet provides software infrastructure to allow companies to offer their customers, on-demand and scheduled deliveries. To be clear, Onfleet does not provide drivers. Instead, they provide a backend to coordinate shipments and optimize delivery routes that drive savings.

9. Rickshaw:

It’s costly for San Francisco’s local online and offline businesses to enable same-day deliveries since courier companies charge for the full round trip. Rickshaw enable any business to provide same-day deliveries. They use optimal routes that are offered to their partner couriers. It makes deliveries reliable and affordable for customers while delivering predictable route durations and guaranteed pay for couriers.

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