• Appointments

    Now you can schedule an appointment and manage it without any hassle

Manage Your Appointments Without Hassle

Now you can manage your appointments without the need of some expensive appointment scheduling program for businesses such as spa appointment scheduling software, doctor appointment scheduling software, massage appointment scheduling software, patient appointment scheduling software etc. Our cloud solution assists you to schedule appointments for your clients at the best times possible and comes with a reminder that will ensure you getting ready hours before the appointment, which is much better compared to any other web based appointment scheduling system such as salon appointment software, dental appointment software, tutor appointment software etc. You will never mix up customers appointments ever again, as this will be better than any agent and employee tracking system.


Allow Agents to Attach Picture

When necessary, our cloud solution allows your field agents to attach a picture to clarify issues easily


Manual and Auto Dispatch Option

Our cloud solution enables you to be able to dispatch your field agents both manually and automatically


Auto Calculation of Service Charges

With our app, you can configure your service charges to automatically bill your customers on the field, allowing your agents to focus in service delivery


Manage Your Appointments Without Hassle

With our cloud solution, you don’t require any appointment scheduling software, you will be able to handle your appointments in a better way; knowing when to schedule an appointment and setting reminders so you will never miss appointments

White label Customer app

Our cloud solution provides a customer app that takes orders from customers with ease.

We offer white label customer app to take orders from, contact our team to get quote. Contact Us.

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Now you can manage your appointments without hassle and will never miss an appointment.

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Taxi Service

Streamlining your taxi service can lead to better service delivery, customer satisfaction and reduce cost.

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Field Workforce

With our cloud solution, you can better manage your field agents with less hassle.We help you monitor your agents in real time.

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Pickup & Delivery

With our cloud solution, you can now effectively handle your pick-up and delivery solutions without hassle.

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"Love this app. My business has certainly received a boost since I started using it"


"Amazing! That is the word the sums up this app. Easy to use, efficient and result oriented. My business will never be the same"


"My business is better organized, I now know what my agents are up to and can easily assign them tasks"


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