Delivery routing software

How Delivery Routing Software from Deliv Agent Drives your Business

Research over the years from various transportation bodies confirms that excessive costs are the primary reasons that hold back logistics and delivery business growth. Delivery routing software is the answer to this declining growth and surging costs. Many small businesses … Continue Reading

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Blockchain in logistics

Impact of Blockchain on Logistics and Supply Chain

The emergence of blockchain technology happened just at the right time when every industry was searching for a reliable alternative to traditional methods of transactions. While the technology assists every industry, blockchain in logistics and supply chain is causing no … Continue Reading

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last mile delivery

Business Owners Must Adopt Advanced Way Of Last-Mile Delivery

A recent delivery management company survey showed that a retailer’s ability to deliver an online order quickly could give long-lasting implications. Shipping efficiency has an impact on their brand loyalty, and 83% of online shoppers are not likely to shop … Continue Reading

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Logistics app

Logistics App Clone Versus Cloud-based App: Choose Wisely

It is unimaginable not to come across a vendor pitching “Uber for logistics clone” while you are searching for logistics app for management. How easy would it be to purchase a clone of highly successful business and integrate it into … Continue Reading

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Innovation in logistics

Innovation in Logistics with State-of-the-Art Technologies

The timeline of past two decades indicates that logistics industry is continually evolving with state-of-the-art technology. Labeling this industry as one of the chief stakeholders of digital and smart technological advancement will not be an overstatement. Considering the technologies in … Continue Reading

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waste collection software

Business Impact and Features of Waste Collection Software

The industrial age has undeniably brought remarkable improvements in living standards. However, the development is occurring at the cost of waste generation in an enormous amount. Governments are facilitating the public-private partnership to promote effective collection and management schemes. In … Continue Reading

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Field service management software

8 Vital Attributes of Field Service Management Software Systems

The existence and growth of huge corporate sectors around the globe are increasing the demand for field service management (FSM). From surveillance of workers to scheduling and managing customers’ requests, robust field service management software has become a necessity for … Continue Reading

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Ship Fleet Management Software

The Essentials Components of Ship Fleet Management Software

Ships travel thousands of miles in the unimaginable depths and breadths of oceans. The challenge of efficiently managing fleet is at the core of marine cargo business development. To ensure seamless growth and revenue stream, the managers need to acquire … Continue Reading

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on-demand food delivery

Business Constituents for On-demand Food Delivery

There might be some uncertainties in various on-demand industries regarding their performance in the upcoming decade. However, entrepreneurs have no ambiguity about on-demand food delivery industry. Owing to the challenging corporate and domestic routines, consumers are shifting toward on-demand food … Continue Reading

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delivery logistics software

Delivery Logistics Software to Tackle Urban Congestion

Two of the most notable logistics developments in the 21st century include last-mile and same day deliveries. The availability of both of these services tends customers to choose them over others. However, increasing gridlocks in urban areas are creating a … Continue Reading

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