Workforce Tracking System Improves Your Business Productivity

How Field Workforce Tracking System Improves Your Business Productivity?

Whether you are a small, medium, or large-sized business, you may be earning good profits but you might find it hard to grow your market share. On the other hand, your company may be facing tough times, and you need … Continue Reading

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Dominant Trends In The Domain of Field Services

Dominant Trends In The Domain of Field Services!

In world that becoming richer in ideas just because platforms are now easily available accessible with no need to bleed money in a heftier way, you could be next to make things count and change the entire course of game … Continue Reading

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Travelling Salesman Problem

Travelling Salesman Problem Solved Using Deliv Agent’s Route Optimization

Travelling salesman problem is an old one, especially for businesses that are related to making deliveries of items or goods. Over the years, there have been many attempts in finding a solution for travelling salesman problem, because as more and more … Continue Reading

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Fleet Management

Fleet Management System Improving Delivery Service Businesses

Delivery service business has always been a successful one, and ever since the on-demand economy has taken hold of the world, thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, it has become a very tough market to compete in. And as … Continue Reading

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Professional Courier Tracking

Professional Courier Tracking Number Online, Why It Holds Importance

Courier Business Industry has been among the most flourishing ones since old times, because the need to stay in contact has always been a necessity for human beings. Courier service has evolved in a very smooth way over the years, … Continue Reading

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restaurant delivery fleets

Can restaurant chains and eateries improve customer experience by building and managing their own delivery fleets?

In a bid to key into the increasing need for fast, versatile and quality services triggered by customers, many restaurants have decided to alter their delivery plans by controlling operations and having the ability to build and manage their delivery … Continue Reading

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last mile Delivery

‘Last-Mile’ in logistics and how to solve last-mile challenges

Logistics is the controlling of the course of things amid a starting point and point of consumption. The resources involved could include food, equipment, materials, animals and liquids, and also documents. Logistics incorporates transportation, production, security, material handling, records, information … Continue Reading

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on demand services - lifestyle

How the urge of customers for on demand services and deliveries have reshaped the industry

The On-Demand services refer to any economic activity that is created by technology companies with the aim of fulfilling customer demands through the immediate delivery of goods and services. An effective and thoughtful technological mesh that is mixed with pre-existing … Continue Reading

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Delivery orders sms

Importance of sending SMS notifications to customers regarding their delivery orders

SMS and email notification is a very essential aspect of delivery orders because it not only produces a smooth and hassle free delivery experience, but it also helps to decrease the amount of money spent on customer care services by … Continue Reading

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on demand economy

How to grow your Business for on demand Economy

Several years ago, we already had smartphones and apps in place, but the means of connecting services with customers through the smart phones was still in the developing stages. However, the Millennials wanted more, and sought for a simpler and … Continue Reading

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