Improving Fleet Safety

Steps towards improving Fleet Safety with Technology

The concern of fleet safety is growing among the operators owing to the excessive rate of increase in the per annum accidents. An estimated 476,000 heavy vehicle accidents occurred across the US in 2014 alone. This figure depicts a 22% … Continue Reading

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Fleet Management Process with Mobile Apps

Evolution of Fleet Management Process with Technology

The courier industry is exponentially rising owing to its extensive demand. The enterprises are required to transport their products to different locations. However, the delays in operations, excessive use of money due to poor management infrastructure, and absence of system … Continue Reading

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The Effectiveness of a Cloud-Based Service Management System

The Effectiveness of a Cloud-Based Service Management System

Downloading the software on commodity hardware requires allocation of a memory chunk. The execution keeps the processors busy for relatively a greater period of time. It consumes more space and considerably decreases the efficiency of end-node processors. Moreover, some operating … Continue Reading

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cloud-based service in courier management industry

The Significance of Cloud-Based Services in Courier Industry

The fast-paced contemporary world barely provides time to its inhabitants for the trivial tasks of sending and receiving courier using the traditional methods. Fortunately, the digital technological advancements enable the potential users to perform these tasks in a secure and … Continue Reading

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Delivery Tracking System for delivery business

Why Is Delivery Tracking System the Need for Delivery Business?

In this digital age, everything is becoming online whether it is regarding purchasing products or selling services, online platforms are available that have streamlined business operations. Lots of businesses have become online that include beauty services, courier services, laundry services, … Continue Reading

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Route Optimization Software

Increase Brand Loyalty with Route Optimization Software

In today’s digital era, when technology is revolutionizing every sector of life, the delivery business is not left behind. The tech industry introduces many software apps to assist people in the delivery business. In the earlier times, all the operations … Continue Reading

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Route Optimization Software Features

10 Route Optimization Software Features Demanded by the Delivery Businesses

Intelligent route dispatching systems are the latest delivery management standard. On-demand Route Optimization Software has improved far beyond the traditional ‘point A to point B delivery’ module, enabling an active operational workflow between dispatchers, fleets, and customers with on-demand flexibility … Continue Reading

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fleet management software

How to face Common Fleet Management Challenges?

The statistics show the information on the growth of e-commerce sales that reached 2.3 trillion US dollars and e-retail revenues are projected to grow to 4.88 trillion US dollars in 2021. As the e-commerce industry advances to improve, it is … Continue Reading

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Keep delivery cost down during the holiday season

How to Keep Delivery Cost Down During the Holiday Season?

In the current economic climate, keeping the cost minimum is essential for small business success. It includes all the way from overhead to delivery cost, which is a challenging task. You can imagine how much difficult it can be for … Continue Reading

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Business Process Automation

Why Implementing Business Process Automation Solutions has Become the Need of the Hour?

With the arrival of more businesses, more work needs to be done smartly and efficiently. Therefore, conventional methods of managing the tasks require more employees to do all the extra work. Most of the companies cannot afford to keep hiring … Continue Reading

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