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The industrial age has undeniably brought remarkable improvements in living standards. However, the development is occurring at the cost of waste generation in an enormous amount. Governments are facilitating the public-private partnership to promote effective collection and management schemes. In this regard, waste collection software system is essential to optimize operations and ensure efficient fleet tracking.

Before jumping into the details on features of an effective waste collection software system, it is advisable to learn the significance of investment.

Why Invest in Waste Collection Software System?

World Bank reports that the worldwide waste generation reached 2.01 billion tonnes per year in 2016. With the current rate, the environmentalists forecast an annual increase of 70% over the upcoming three decades. This massive upsurge threatens the lives of citizens with chronic diseases. All stakeholders including citizens and administrations have a consensus on taking steps to reduce the impact.

Developed countries are allocating a sizable amount of GDP for waste collection systems. Moreover, they are also encouraging private investors for kerbside collection with flexible regulations and sponsorship.

Funding the Business

Unlike other businesses, waste management is far more likely to get funding from governments as well as citizens. Rubicon Global, a waste management startup, acquired sponsorship from New Zealand government sponsorship of $38 million. Governments tend to outsource the task of kerbside collection to avoid the overhead of administering departments in multiple cities.

Angel investors and venture capitalists are always inclined toward investing in collection and recycling. Apart from Rubicon, which raised $50 million from private equity investors, scores of other waste management startups successfully raised funds.

Crowdfunding is another major source, particularly in developing countries. Public events are vital for raising funds. Word Bank research reveals that the developing countries will be generating over $96 billion in crowdfunding by 2025. It is notable that a significant proportion of this amount goes to waste collection, recycling, and public awareness.

Cost Optimization and Operational Efficiency

The Growth of cities also increases the number of residential areas and hence, the waste bins. Waste management drivers often have rotating jobs with changing areas of operations. Therefore, the administration has to share the route and collection points repeatedly. Moreover, newly hired drivers also face the challenge of understanding routes.

Waste collection fleet management software is a sure-shot approach to optimize business. Monitoring staff can track each driver and ensure that they cover every single trash bin. Besides, they are able to get notifications once a driver completes a job or requires assistance.

Such software entirely eliminates the need for guidance through call. In-app communication through messages is an effective replacement. The system should also enable drivers to find the best route covering all areas under one’s domain. Consequently, drivers prevent traversing through the path which may otherwise take them longer to reach the destination. Meanwhile, they also avoid excessive costs.

Deliv Agent Waste Fleet Software

Forecasting the growing demand, Deliv Agent created purpose-built software for waste collection. This software enables businesses to enhance operations with smart technologies. Two distinct modules for admins and drivers define the software. Besides, some features are common in both modules.

Admin Panel Fleet Tracking

The panel remains secured with multiple layers of security. Once logged- in, administrators can track the current location of drivers in real-time. They can also determine the number of bins covered and those remaining. A careful GPS integration enables staff to monitor each driver with an error margin of only one meter at most.

Furthermore, administrators can also access history of past days, months and even years. By retrieving the history, one can determine the increase in the scale of operations. They can access history in form of tables as well as graphs for clear data visualization.

Admins can assign tasks to drivers by updating it on the software application. The driver gets a notification about the assigned work. To clarify, admin officer may also add relevant pictures and notes. Once completed, drivers may update the status which is visible to managers too. The application also notifies staff about pending tasks and drivers overrunning the deadline.

The fact that Deliv Agent is a cloud-based platform is a chief factor that makes it distinctive among its competitors. With such waste management fleet tracking software, owners avoid purchasing hardware every time the business needs upscaling. Administrations distributed in different geographical regions can access the dispatch panel from anywhere.

Driver Panel Fleet Routing

The facility of route optimization is one of the most crucial components for fleet drivers. They can find the narrowest streets with an updated map. Besides, the map navigates the drivers in real-time. Although Google and Waze provide same navigation feature, yet Deliv Agent makes more out of these facilities. The in-app navigation also shares the points where each bin is located apart from sharing the shortest path to it.

Moreover, Deliv Agent map keeps on updating the driver and monitoring staff about expected time of task completion. Drivers can access a custom-built calendar where they find the pending and completed tasks and a range of other features.

Besides these pre-built features, owners can integrate many other functions too. For instance, they can place IoT devices with sensors in bins to inform drivers if the bin requires unloading. Owners can have all these features within an app. Therefore, fleet management businesses have a vital opportunity to cut costs and maximize profits by incorporating waste collection routing software.

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