last mile delivery

A recent delivery management company survey showed that a retailer’s ability to deliver an online order quickly could give long-lasting implications. Shipping efficiency has an impact on their brand loyalty, and 83% of online shoppers are not likely to shop after a poor delivery experience.

The current era is increasingly difficult for retailers to retain customers, making it compulsory for them to control and optimize each aspect of their operations to stay competitive in the market. Here, the need for the on-demand delivery app comes in to overcome the challenges in the delivery business. It is quite mandatory to streamline and automate business operations as brands cannot afford to leave the delivery experience to chance.

Meanwhile, business owners need to ensure customers get their orders on time, which has become possible using the last mile delivery app. A great experience does not always require quick delivery. What customers want is delivery tailored to their needs.

Delivagent delivery app offers a satisfying delivery experience for customers. The app gives retailers insights into the customer’s delivery experiences. Business owners get access to all the data and allow them to manage their business efficiently with real-time statistics.

Access to the insights lets retailers easily improve outcomes for both customers and the brand. On-demand service apps have become popular which include booking cabs from your phone, food delivery to your doorstep, laundry services, get someone to walk your dog, all these are now common services in the on-demand industry.

On-demand service industries have significantly affected the logistics industry. Many logistics solutions for last mile delivery is expected to bring revolutionary changes because of on-demand services.

The efficient delivery of products or services depends on the features and quality of the delivery management system.

With the progress in technology, it becomes easier to order something using the on-demand logistics solution. Customers expect improved services as there are many platforms for on-demand logistics. The shift towards on-demand services is one of the big reasons of logistics solutions on-demand.

As the world evolves, it becomes easier to order almost anything directly from your mobile device. As a result, they are compelled to adapt to the changing environment to stay relevant.
For example, if you order food from an on-demand service app, you expect to receive it within an hour. Due to this expectation, service providers are facing fierce competition. The rising customer expectation is improving the quality of on-demand services.

Delivagent: Solving The Last Mile Delivery Challenge

In the world of on-demand services, delays can be a major turn off. The on-demand industry is playing a significant role in managing and fulfilling our everyday demands. The success of the business depends on the efficiency of the system and management. Success largely depends on deploying the right management software; therefore, getting the last mile delivery app from a reputable apps development company is essential for the efficient platform.

Last mile delivery is bringing a positive impact on the industry. A complete delivery management software covers everything from automating delivery dispatch, uber-like tracking, optimized routes for multiple deliveries, real-time alerts, analytics and a lot more features that enable efficient delivery of services.

Some of the basic features include:

1. Allocation
2. Notification
3. Promo codes
4. Scheduling
5. Matching
6. Automated delivery dispatch
7. Real-time tracking and updates
8. Route optimization and geofencing
9. Online payment gateways
10. Real-time Chat

Cost Effective Solution:

Last mile delivery solution improve business efficiency. Its amazing features allow companies to improving their delivery management. Route optimization allows managing customer request by making multiple on-time deliveries in a single ride. Therefore, it saves cost and increases the overall business value of the brand.
Optimize delivery routes reduces the overall distance traveled and the cost of delivering products. It enables fulfilling the number of orders in a single trip by decreasing the total turnaround time.

Seamless Integration:

Nowadays, in a highly competitive business environment, businesses require a single comprehensive solution covering all the features for the efficient delivery of products or services. The best delivery management software gives enterprises the benefit of hassle-free integration.

Customer Communication:

The best last mile delivery solution keeps the customers in the loop with timely notifications throughout the delivery process and ensures customer satisfaction. Notifications in transit and product delivery also ensures that the customer is available at the time and place of delivery.

Real-time Tracking:

Real-time tracking has become one of the standard technological breakthroughs that enable customers to get updated status of their deliveries, which keep them satisfied and happy.

Optimization Techniques:

Route optimization feature ensures efficient management of deliveries that saves time and cost. Optimization techniques ensure that drivers complete most deliveries in the least possible time by computing variables.

Last mile delivery is a complicated process that requires an efficient platform for successful delivery. The rapidly evolving technology is paving the way for companies to optimize their supply chains. If you are the one looking for on-demand last mile delivery solution for your business, sign up today.