E-Commerce Delivery Trends and It’s Impact on Customers

A lot of ecommerce businesses are providing delivery services that facilitate their customers. As the market has grown, customers’ expectations are increasing, and most of the businesses are providing delivery services to their customer’s doorsteps. Therefore, prices for delivery services is also rising.

Now, most of the businesses offer free shipping; customers still expect relatively fast delivery. The rise in on-demand deliveries has a strong impact on the demand for drivers and couriers’ services. Delivery subscriptions are an excellent opportunity for retailers to please their customers while building on their brand loyalty. Online delivery management has become one of the key trends in E-commerce Delivery.

Germany’s Tiramizoo provides same-day delivery in most major German cities, leaving service in rural areas for well-established carriers. The service is extensively utilized by Germany’s MediaMarkt who use their stores as local distribution centers. Walmart is targeting to do the same, following a recent purchase of same-day service Parcel in New York City.

A New Approach to Delivery Services

Amazon Delivery Solutions:

New ideas are introduced to delivering business solutions. A new approach has triggered Amazon to start experimenting with in-home delivery by smart locks. The idea behind the delivery service is: when the delivery boy is at the door the consumer receives a smartphone notification. After receiving a notification, he/she can remotely unlock their smart lock to allow the driver access. The camera feature is also used that gives extra security.

Walmart Delivery:

Walmart is one step further in delivering groceries all the way to your home. Advanced delivery systems acknowledge the enormous potential to save on delivery costs. 53% of U.S. adults are comfortable with home delivery services. There has been massive growth in the logistics industry.

Quick and Convenient Delivery:

Customers want convenient and fast delivery, but you need to match customer expectations around performance. Issues in on time delivery may arise because of third-party couriers, traffic issues and weather problems, but it is essential to keep customers happy by delivering them on time.

The speed of delivery matters a lot in the success of the delivery business. Another scenario is that customer may want to get delivery by next week. In this case, delivery service providers can adjust it so that they could get it at a predetermined time. The customer is contacted by sending a notification regarding the package arrived and scheduled the delivery time, ensuring that he/she will be available to meet the courier.

In another Scenario, the students or customers want cheap delivery because they don’t want any extra expenses. In this scenario, customers don’t bother about delayed delivery. They wait for receiving it and prefer to cut cost.

Urban verses Rural Delivery:

Most of the people are moving to cities. In the next seven years, more than 60% of the world population is expected to live in urban areas. With the passage of time, there is a great division between urban and rural delivery in e-commerce and logistics. One size does not fit all. With the passage of time, delivery options are becoming common for retailers. Most of the businesses offer delivery options in certain urbanized areas as they want to manage their business cost-effectively.

The boost of this urban distribution model has an unusual side-effect: prices for urban logistics spaces are skyrocketing. Pure online players desperately need local storerooms to compete against traditional retailers whose warehouses are much closer to urban consumers.

Most of the new delivery startups ignore rural areas. The reason is delivery outside the urban area makes it almost impossible for newcomers to manage their delivery service business successfully. Staying inside the city for a delivery business is the key to enjoy cheap same-day delivery.

Precise and Accurate Online Tracking and Management:

Business owners prefer using white label solutions for their delivery services as most of the sale and purchase is taking place online and the trend is increasing day by day. Therefore, the demand for home delivery is also growing. White label delivery solutions are available that can provide accurate online tracking. Business owners are getting great benefits from delivery solution as they offer precise and accurate online tracking and management.

Convenience for Your Customers:

In recent years, a large number of business owners promoting slower delivery times in busy periods to prevent overloading their carriers. Convenience and flexibility vary for each. Some people prefer the cheapest option with no preference for speed, while others need it faster and want to pay for a more efficient service.

Various comprehensive fulfillment options work for your customers. You need to select e-commerce delivery options with your customer’s lifestyle in mind. Some deliveries require immediate dispatching, while some can be delayed. People want to get the product delivery at a predetermined time. Customers are willing to pay even more for the convenient services.

Support for Delivery Services:

Shipping problems may arise due to various factors such as inefficient staff, traffic issues, distance problems and more. Retail business owners need to resolve these issues, as customers will ultimately hold them responsible. When customers get proper customer support, they prefer online shopping and home delivery as it saves their time, money, and build trust.

Delivery Process:

Customers place the order, and the item is picked, packed and labeled for shipping before being put onto a truck for delivery. The extended ground route takes several days. One day before the scheduled delivery date, the customer is notified regarding the item’s arrival via email or text and is reminded to select a delivery time slot. Providing an array of e-commerce delivery options is essential to stay competitive in the world of delivery business. A wide variety is observed in customer demographics, behaviors and preferences.

Across the globe, carriers are having difficulties to keep up with the demand for delivery, especially during peak moments. Almost 46% of shoppers are of the view that convenient and personalized delivery service is the key in the online buying decision stage.

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