Delivery routing software

Research over the years from various transportation bodies confirms that excessive costs are the primary reasons that hold back logistics and delivery business growth. Delivery routing software is the answer to this declining growth and surging costs.

Many small businesses are unsure if they need a software system or not. Besides, they are also uncertain about the scale of the system which would fit their business requirements without exceeding costs.

Signs Indicating Need for Delivery vehicle routing software

There are telltale signs indicating that your business must incorporate routing software to streamline operations. Following are some of the signals you should take seriously.

    1. Invisible costs

    Consider the converse cases of absence of delivery scheduling software. The American Trucking Association reveals that the industry is facing shortfall of employees who can administer fleet operations. Consequently, such companies are not only paying excessive costs to unnecessary workforce but also manual handling of systems.

    Besides, the absence also leaves route planners with little assistance to ensure that drivers take the most suitable route.

    2. Vague Task Allocation Scheme

    Traditional management schemes disallow managers to schedule and allocate tasks to most fitting drivers. Since these managers do not have the appropriate technology, they are unable find the real-time location of drivers.

    Moreover, there is less probability of cost and time saving by collaboration and communication of various drivers.

    3. Automation Deficit

    Retrospection into traditional fleet management systems two decades back indicates the high degree of paperwork involved. In fact, many companies still rely on manual processing of tasks due to lack of trust in software systems.

    Deliv Agent finds one apparent reason after conducting research in the industry – the previous experience of incorporating software. Owners recall the suffering due to inefficient systems which exacerbated the circumstances against them.

    At the beginning of this century, only a few companies had the ability to build useful fleet routing software. Unfortunately, the percentage of companies developing efficacious software is still lower regardless of the total number of companies claiming to offer the best systems.

    Thus, Deliv Agent enables its customers to use demo before incorporating the system. This way, the fleet managers can evaluate the performance of our technologies ahead of purchase.

    4. Inability to meet delivery deadline

    Gone are the days when 24 hours from the time of placing order defined the deadline. Now, businesses like food delivery and first response emergency services require prompt action.

    All notable food delivery companies in the US ensure the delivery time of fewer than 60 minutes. These include UberEats, DoorDash, and GrubHub at 35 minutes, 42 minutes, and 50 minutes respectively.

    Meeting the delivery deadline is one of the chief factors affecting customers’ trust. The intense competition enables customers to acquire services of other companies which ensure meeting deadline.

    The delivery time duration is highly significant in E-commerce and logistics as well. Thus, you need to guarantee in-time delivery with route optimization technologies.

    5. Excessive Annual Costs on Infrastructure Renewal

    One indication is the requirement of pouring massive costs to renew infrastructure every year. Traditional systems usually work on flat databases. These record management systems need on-premises commodities, servers, network admins and database maintenance teams.

    Despite spending such huge costs, the efficiency remains far from being up to the mark.

Deliv Agent Delivery Route Mapping Software

Keeping in view each of the above problems occurring in traditional systems, Deliv Agent introduced its cloud-based delivery management system. This software offers a wide range of features to enhance performance and address specific needs of courier and logistics companies.

Following are the ways in which Deliv Agent eliminates or minimizes these challenges.

Task Scheduling

Incorporating our software facilitates your company with effective task management. Managers can assign tasks to customers via smartphone app.

Once the field agents complete a task, they can update the status from “in-progress” to “complete”. This status is visible to administrators too. As long as agents do not start working on a task, the status remains in “pending” state.

Moreover, the system eliminates the need to manually assign tasks to agents. Instead, software assists the admins in assigning a job to the most appropriate agent depending on the driver’s position. Other factors affecting task assignment include the existing number of pending or in-progress tasks and delivery orders for same areas.

Push notifications ensure that drivers and admins stay updated with the remaining time to deadline.

Smart Navigation

When considering navigation tools in contemporary times, dynamic maps like Google are vital but not enough. Business owners need software with customized maps according to their operational regions.

Furthermore, the map should have the ability to guide drivers in taking the shortest route to their destination. This ability is crucial in minimizing the invisible costs.

Access to Historical Data

The conventional databases management is highly ineffective in today’s logistics and delivery business needs. Now, the companies perform data analysis to assess the sources that attract customers. Moreover, this analysis also allows them to differentiate various sources of budget spending.

Deliv Agent provides access to data from months back so that managers can effectively resolve disputes.

The Leverage of Cloud-based Infrastructure

There is little doubt about the fact that the performance of cloud-based logistics and delivery companies is far ahead of its locally hosted counterparts. May it be the data management processing or data security, the cloud is the top choice.

Cloud software secures your data by hosting it on remotely located servers. This capability enables you to recover the secondary copy of data if the primary one is lost. However, the probability of compromise on data is very small – almost eliminating the threats.

Pricing Structure

For the same reason, Deliv Agent launched its cloud-based platform. You can rebrand our system for your business.

The pricing structure of Deliv Agent platform is highly reasonable. You can acquire free trial to get hands-on our software.