Workforce Tracking System Improves Your Business Productivity

Whether you are a small, medium, or large-sized business, you may be earning good profits but you might find it hard to grow your market share. On the other hand, your company may be facing tough times, and you need to improve efficiency.

Either way, field workforce tracking software may give the answer for delivery businesses. Business owners often do not know that they can make a big impact on their business operations by incorporating the workforce tracking system. Field workforce optimization software is a system to manage and track your workforce, see the progress of ongoing tasks and organize your company better.

The software has a built-in admin portal that allow business owners to see information related to the current status of jobs and cut down the cost of unnecessary follow ups with their workforce just to get the updated status of the job. A quality software improves productivity and efficiency of the business with its current resources. It enhances communication with teams/workforce and brings remarkable success to your business with increased revenues.

Efficient Management:

It can organize delivery lists based on the priority set by the company and helps in better management of the company’s tasks. Field workforce optimization technique can bring revolutionary impacts on your business. Field Workforce Tracking organizes your workforce in a way that streamlines and speeds up the process.

Track Your Workforce:

With this software, you can track your workforce movements and their availability, which allows business owners to manage their workforce, fleets or agents in the best possible way and increase the productivity of their resources, which in turn improves the profitability of the business. The software provides up to date information necessary to make quick decisions and overall management. It allows business owners to control and supervise every aspect of your company by minimizing inefficiency and optimized productivity.

Excellent Service Management:

Excellent service management is mandatory for retaining current customers and attracting new ones to enhance the company’s profit on a long-term basis that is made easily achievable with field workforce tracking software. Customers receives status updates through this software which improves the User-Experience (UX) and helps in retaining customers.

Dispatching and Monitoring:

Companies offering delivery services, that have integrated field workforce tracking software have experienced satisfactory customer service. It is vital for the workforce to use the right system and use updated information to provide efficient services to their customers, which is possible with the delivery software system. This system allows the business owner to assign tasks to his workforce with ease by dispatching the job to the most relevant agent, and then track the status of the job until it’s completed successfully.


The dispatch team can create a task and assign it later to any particular agent, in this way any customers who does not need the service immediately can get the service at their desired time. The customers can book an appointment or service through any source. However, Field Workforce Tracking software allows the service team to perform their tasks with efficient planning and scheduling.


The delivery staff can plan and schedule the assigned tasks immediately using their mobile phone devices. Delivery software solutions improve task assigning experience that allow the service team to be more efficient in providing delivery services on time.

Workforce needs to fulfill the assignment of delivery to the customers as soon as possible. A fully integrated delivery management system through mobile devices improves service provider’s delivery experience. Service teams have all the required information about the customers which is important for successful delivery. It helps service teams to provide services to the targeted customers on site.

Efficient Payment System:

Field workforce tracking software offers various features including payment methods to receive payments successfully. It allows the business owners to set the charges for the tasks, based on the set rates the job charges are calculated and then your customers can pay for the service either via cash or credit/debit card. Integrated payment link allows the customers to make the payment faster, which helps your business to grow rapidly.


Quality software for workforce tracking system is responsive, which means the system is accessible through any device. Professional companies can increase customer base by providing quality services. Responsive services are crucial in maintaining a loyal customer base. The system works in real-time as it is developed using the best tools and technologie. A real-time software helps in improving the User-Experience (UX) majorly.

Application of Delivery Workforce Management Software:

Service management is used in a variety of markets today. Delivagent workforce/task management software customizes and automates your entire delivery business.

Field workforce optimization software automates business processes, send online orders to your delivery driver through the dispatch panel. Delivagent software automates your entire delivery business and provides customized solutions. Moreover, workforce provide delivery services according to the orders placed by customers and the delivery fees is calculated according to the distance covered by a delivery boy, as well as the time elapsed during the task.

Optimized Routes:

Selection of optimized routes is essential for efficient delivery and minimizing costs. Companies providing these services can get optimized routes that allows the delivery agent to deliver products on time and in an efficient manner using the best possible route.

Real-Time Tracking and Alerts:

Your office staff can use our dispatch delivery software to assign orders and send the delivery details to the delivery drivers. Map in the agent app tracks the service locations and help in successful delivery.

Tracking of Delivery Just Like Uber:

When the driver brings delivery towards the destination, the customer can track GPS position. The customer gets the SMS text message that contains a tracking link using which they can track their driver who is responsible to complete the delivery order that was placed by them. It offers your customers an “Uber-like” experience.

A delivery management software provides real-time delivery dispatching, management and tracking via a single system that makes easier to manage customer deliveries with just a few clicks.

From automating operations to streamlining business operations, delivery management software can help a courier company in many ways. It is an excellent way for generating more revenue with the current resources of your company. Bringing more customers on recurring basis completely depends upon what kinds of service is provided to them. That’s why a delivery/workforce management software can help in retaining customers as it will allow you to complete all the tasks on time.

When customers are enabled to see the status of their shipments, confirm delivery through signature, real-time GPS tracking of their orders, surely helps businesses to achieve better results and bring in a lot more customers. Offering competitive prices for your services while using the workforce management software can help you in taking your business to the next level.

We provide quality software solutions for delivery tracking businesses. State-of-the-art technology is used to develop this software solution. If you are running any business that offers delivery services or involves workforce and assignment of tasks, then we can provide a remarkable system to manage your workforce, task assignment and tracking in an efficient manner.

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