Keep delivery cost down during the holiday season

In the current economic climate, keeping the cost minimum is essential for small business success. It includes all the way from overhead to delivery cost, which is a challenging task. You can imagine how much difficult it can be for them for keeping delivery cost low at the holiday season to stay at the top during the season.

With December fast approaching, more e-commerce entrepreneurs are looking for effective ways to keep their delivery cost low without affecting the quality of the service during the Christmas holiday season. Delivery businesses can offer special discounts on the special holiday season of Christmas.

How can Delivagent Minimize the Delivery Costs?

Robust and easy to use Delivagent software promises to streamline your delivery department, ensuring happy drivers and customers. In the below section, we will be explaining the most important methods to get affordable deliveries throughout the holiday season.

Route Optimization:

Quite often, deliveries do not reach at the estimated time of arrival, which shows the driver’s failure to choose the most efficient route. As a result, it affects the customer’s experience negatively, depending on the lateness of the delivery. It may make a partial or complete refund by customers who are not happy with the services.

On top of this, your company needs to choose the most suitable route to reduce the cost of fuel. Delivagent combats such scenarios by using the most efficient delivery route mapping system. Through the delivery route mapping system, Delivagent provides route optimization, estimated delivery time, and the extra costs associated with them by helping your driver in selecting the planned route. Route optimization is beneficial for the entire year. But it becomes particularly useful during the holiday season when traffic increases and reaches its worst and packages are required to be delivered with greater urgency.

Real-time Tracking:

The success of any company depends on the performance of the delivery services. One member of the team who is not performing their duties well can affect the rest of the team reputation and therefore, earnings of the company. It is particularly true for the e-commerce business in which one reliable driver can change the schedule of the entire team negatively, mainly, during the busy holiday season.

With Delivagent platform, you can use real-time tracking to monitor your drivers as they move from one destination to another. It provides accurate employee performance data. With real-time tracking feature, customers get satisfied, which maximizes the fleet efficiency. It also allows you to reevaluate your delivery plan promptly whenever required.

Automated Task Assignments:

During the holiday season, you will yourself overloaded if you manage them using pen and paper. It is also prone to errors. As a result, managing time increases, which also reduces your business productivity and increases cost as more staff is required to manage them manually.
Delivagent platform promises to assign tasks to your drivers as they arise automatically. It allows assigning each delivery to the located free driver conveniently. With Delivagent cloud-based platform, you can automatically assign tasks to the drivers, tracking emails, invoices and other business activities. It saves time, which you can utilize in various other significant events.


The cloud-based Delivagent platform allows small businesses to use these software programs to make their business efficient. If you are running a delivery business, using an automated on-demand delivery managment system is quite essential to streamline business operations. It reduces costs, saves time and manages the business efficiently. In this way, you can earn more money and get more customers.

With route optimization, real-time tracking, and automatically assign tasks to drivers, Delivagent streamlines your delivery business department; as a result, drivers can complete their jobs with greater efficiency. If you are looking for a delivery business software for your business to streamlines business operations, Sign Up today.