Improve Your Last Mile Delivery Now With the Best Tracking Software

As e-Commerce businesses continue to rise, therefore consumer expectations of smooth delivery services are increasing day by day. Advanced software programs have been introduced, which offer transparency, accuracy, and speed.

Businesses are adopting innovative technologies to lower costs and increase shipping speeds of packages. As the competition is rising, it’s by no surprise that last-mile delivery has become top of mind for most retailers.

Those willing to invest in optimizing their delivery business can opt for the best last mile delivery tracking software, as it meets the expectations of the customers. They no longer buy based on price alone but also consider home delivery of the products.

If you want to improve your delivery business this year, check out the best last mile delivery tracking software. Innovative software programs are capable of overcoming these challenges, which you can start doing today to improve your logistics.

What is Last-Mile Delivery?

Last-mile delivery is the transferring of goods from a transportation hub to the final delivery destination, which is usually a personal residence. The purpose is to deliver items to an end user as quickly as possible.

As customer demands are changing, last-mile delivery has been a significant topic among retailers. In the last 2 years, a 50% increase has been seen in last-mile services in which most demand is coming from e-commerce. Increased online shopping and rising consumer demands are letting retailers provide:
1. Greater flexibility in delivery options
2. Quicker delivery times
3. Real-time visibility of customer orders status

Also, customers want minimum costs. A survey conducted in 2017 by L2 shows that 77% of brands are offering free shipping, which has become the norm.
If you haven’t started considering the way to improve your last-mile delivery times, now is the time to adopt the latest technology for making your retail business productive. Customized solutions are available that provide business management, productivity, and delivery by managing them via an on-demand system.

Challenges of Last-Mile Delivery:

Retailers face many challenges to offer fast, free and transparent shipping services, to make their business successful. According to the Last Mile Benchmark Report, these are the biggest last mile challenges for retailers.

When retailers become capable of providing these services at an optimal level, they can make their business successful. It indicates that the biggest challenge around last-mile delivery is managing the customer experience. However, retailers also keep balance in providing the best experience at a cost that they can afford and still keep their business profitable. It is possible by having a quality on-demand management system, quality workforce, and reliable products that will be delivered to build trust among employees. Managing the last-mile complexities means employing the right processes, personnel, and technology to get it done right.

Innovative Approaches to Improve Last-Mile Logistics:

For some ideas, get the knowledge what others in the retail industry are doing to solve last-mile delivery challenges.

Amazon Flex:

Amazon Flex allows customers to order and receive products from Prime within an hour. Amazon use workforce, like Uber, to pick up products at the nearest Amazon location and deliver them to people in their local area.

Walmart Employee Delivery:

Like Amazon, Walmart has been experimenting with having employees deliver packages on their way home from work. The Walmart Employee Delivery has been rolled out to three cities.


Many companies have experimented using drones, or other robotics for eCommerce fulfillment. Amazon, Alphabet, and Domino’s Pizza have inquired the concept.

Shipping by Amazon (SWA):

In the most recent news this year, Amazon has implied their shipping service called SWA that would compete directly with UPS and FedEx. Amazon would get packages from businesses and ship them to consumers. They depend entirely on their shipping infrastructure.

Focus on Delivering On-Time:

In spite of advanced approaches to last-mile delivery adopted by retail giants, all merchants face the challenge of accurate and transparent shipping processes free of cost.

Many business owners say it seems consumers have unrealistic demands for merchants. We haven’t discussed returns yet, and the costs they cause for merchants. Retail business owners or other businesspeople that are dealing with the delivery business can opt for an on-demand system as it allows tracking workforce while delivering the products to the customer’s doorsteps. They offer various features, delivery time, receiving payment and a lot more.

Improve Your Last-Mile Delivery Today:

Retailers can start with guaranteeing a delivery date and should ensure that delivery employees deliver the goods on the said date. Building trust with your customers increases them in number as they told about their experience to others. As a result, businesses become productive.

1. Talk to Your Customers:

First, survey your customer’s preferences according to location, and consider the shipping options, times, and prices they’re looking. Use their reviews to guide your decisions going forward.

2. Analyze Your Current Processes:

Consider the specific areas in your last-mile that need attention. Monitor all the business areas for optimal business functionality.

3. Invest in a Back-end System:

Invest in a back-end system to manage your business delivery on your set delivery dates. On-demand systems can drastically help you with your fulfillment and order management. If you’re not sure regarding the right policy for your business, check out on-demand systems and reviews of people that are using top methods in the industry.

Choose A Reliable On-Demand Solution Provider Company:

Choose a reputable company to get a quality on-demand system. A secure system speeds up the processing and ensures faster delivery. It eliminates manual data entry that can cause data errors and slow down processes. On-demand solutions provide customers with order status as items are shipped that improve customer experience. Check out the available systems and their benefits for your business.
We provide a reliable on-demand delivery system to deliver products efficiently and manage your delivery business. If you want to get a reliable cloud-based on-demand delivery system you can signup for DelivAgent for free.