cloud-based fleet management software

The effectiveness of cloud-based fleet management software is out of question now. Hundreds of case studies from various industries indicate that the system is the most effective replacement for traditional fleet management. It is secure, scalable, flexible, and accessible at the same time.

However, some cases also reveal that the system failed to address organizational needs. The evaluation of these cases confirms that the systems had little to do with the failures. Instead, ineffective selection of appropriate software, training of staff, and inefficient utilization of resources were the primary reasons.

This article unveils how each of the above factors plays role in optimizing fleet management business operations.

Choose the appropriate cloud-based applications

While innovations lead business growth, proper utilization is essential to ensure significant success. Cloud-based infrastructure yields best results when administrators incorporate relevant applications. These applications should correspond to business needs and enable owners to optimize operations.

The development of a fleet management solution at DelivAgent involved a customer-centric approach. Consequently, the solution is a collection of highly productive applications. It also carries the ability to scale-up as required with time. Some of the applications are as follows.

Real-time tracking

This software tracks the vehicle of delivery agent in real-time. If vehicles are traveling in fleet, the app also shares the location of each vehicle individually. The error margin is as small as one square meter. It is highly unlikely for the app to show vehicle more than a meter away from its actual location. The improvement in GPS over time ensures this high precision.

Route optimization

Apart from facilitating customers and monitoring staff with real-time location, DelivAgent app enables the drivers to take the best route. This cloud-based fleet management software assesses the traffic volume on various roads leading to the destination. Moreover, it also predicts potential blockades due to bottlenecks and excess of traffic.

Data visualization

When dealing with large fleets, the practice of data visualization is vital. In fact, small fleets also require visualization to evaluate every detail of business operation. For instance, the number of miles traveled by each vehicle and the amount of profits earned in return. Data visualization in DelivAgent fleet management product involves concise charts, graphs, and tables. This approach ensures high understandability for both technical and non-technical staffs.

Remote communications

One of the most sought-after abilities for fleet services is access to data and applications from anywhere. Cloud-based system enables DelivAgent to place data on remote servers instead of end-nodes. This approach enables any authorized user to access data from everywhere with an internet connection. Therefore, teams located in various parts of the can collaborate to work in parallel. The changes made by one party reflect from rest of the parties.

Minimize the costs and time with pay-as-you-go facility

With these applications, the fleet enterprise owners are able to minimize operational costs. At times, businesses require a part of some products and services. Incorporating the whole set of products results in substantial price-hike. Instead of acquiring entire services, as with most of the desktop applications, the owners can attain the most pertinent services.

Apart from increase in price due to needless services, managing multiple products in various systems is a challenge too. Cloud-based solution enables the businesses to keep all the services in one place. Thus, the administrators are able to avoid acquiring resources for local desktop.

The ability to perform tasks in parallel results in significant optimization of operations. The traditional businesses end up waiting for release of a resource in use by another party. Any team seeking to adopt agile development framework needs to deploy a cloud-based system. Every extra day consumed to perform task which should have done in lesser time with cloud-based system is tantamount to increase in costs.

Train the relevant team effectively

Great inventions bring greater responsibilities. Data is one of the primary assets of a company whose loss can result in business termination. Intentional compromise is not the only problem. Most of the case studies indicate that the loss was a result of accidental data loss. With the ease of use in cloud-based system, managers can train their teams more effectively.

The increasing compromise of data integrity and confidentiality is a wake-up call for businesses with traditional fleet management system. DelivAgent system does minimize not only the probability of data loss but also ensures data recovery.

Incorporation of cloud-based fleet management software also allows the teams to spend resources efficiently. The managers can keep track of each resource and get the statistics depicting the amount and source of spending. The training of staff is essential because the incorporation fleet management system would be useless if teams fail to utilize this system effectively.

Ensure storage augmentation with cloud

One of the chief problems with desktop resources is data storage. Regardless of the amount of disk space, space exhausts at some point in time. This exhaustion prompts the managers to replace hardware to scale up space. Moreover, maintenance of data at local servers is an unnecessary task. Cloud provides a range of impressive features on top of all the abilities offered by local servers.

Instead of replacing hardware, enterprises should incorporate cloud-based fleet management system. Doing so, the managers can scale up the storage space by acquiring more space over the servers. Apart from scalability, cloud also acquits the fleet owners to care about data security. The security of data is the responsibility of cloud service providers. Thus, fleet businesses can further reduce costs.


Switching to a cloud-based solution is wise. However, the change would be useless if it is not productive. Ineffective utilization drastically reduces the amount of optimization. Consequently, the businesses end up paying the same cost as before adopting a cloud-based system.

Are you aiming to incorporate cloud-based fleet management software? Make sure that your system is the right collection of applications. Besides, ensure that you train the teams to utilize system effectively.

DelivAgent wants to assist you in the process of incorporation of a cloud-based system. Sign up today to get started.