• Pickup and Delivery

    Improve your pick-up and delivery management system with our efficient delivery tracking software to avoid last mile delivery problem

Manage Your Delivery Requests Without Hassle

With our cloud solution, you can now effectively perform delivery tracking and handle your pick-up and delivery business without hassle. Never again will you miss a pick-up or delivery just because traffic on that route is congested, as our cloud solution provides you with real time data on traffic for several routes that you use for business, making this the best delivery management software. Thus, you can inform your agents which route to take and which to avoid during their pick-up and delivery. We have also simplified the process of assigning tasks to field agents because we give real time updates on their status and location. Using our solution guarantees to provide you with a mobile dispatch software that contains a dispatch tracking software in itself, making it one of the top delivery agent tracking software for businesses to replace their existing software like food delivery management software, laundry delivery software, multi restaurant delivery service software etc.


Delivery Tasks Creation With Relevant Info

We have made it easy to send task information to your field agents, and using delivery tracking system, made it easy for your agents to pick-up and deliver efficiently.


Smart Route

Optimize your pick-up and delivery solutions by getting real time traffic data on pick-up and delivery locations. You can then feed this information to your agents on the field, enabling them to avoid unnecessary delays which might be faced in some delivery route planner system.


Delivery Assigning Options

Our app allows you to know the status of your field agents in real time, hence you can easily assign task to them based on their status and location, which you will not receive from a local delivery dispatch software.


Proof of Delivery

After delivering a service or item, the customer puts in his/her signature to show proof of delivery, similar to ones being used for flower delivery app solution, or grocery delivery app solution etc.

White label Customer app

Our cloud solution provides a customer app that takes orders from customers with ease.

We offer white label customer app to take orders from, contact our team to get quote. Contact Us.

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