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You don’t need to spend much time signing up of our platform, within seconds you can complete the steps and get on with running your business.

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Deliv Agent has taken several steps to ensure that the information you login into our platform is very secure and you don’t have to worry about your account being compromised.

Choose Business Type

We have different types of business structures such as field service, courier management, appointment scheduling, route planning, vehicle fleet management etc. Choose the one that best fits your company and be sure that we will support you all the way.

Access Control Level (ACL)

you can create managers and grant them permission to do specific things or to restrict them.

Create Agents And Tasks With Ease

Using our dispatch panel you can easily add new agents and when ever you add new tasks you will see nearby agents in a proximity to assign them.

Tasks Assignment

Our product has simplified the process of assigning tasks to your field agents both manually and automatically, based on smart routes. In case an urgent task comes up, you can easily assign it to a field agent closest to that area, removing the need to use any other dispatch management software.

Billing And Reporting

Our app has made it easy for you to bill customers on the field and for your field agents to report any constraints they are facing in real time.

Manage Customers And Keep ThemUpdated

We have programmed our cloud solution to allow you communicate effectively with customers, so as to keep them updated on the progress and location of their delivery.

Manage Own Company Account

With our app, you can easily handle your company account without external assistance.

Manage the Controls Agents Can Have In Their App

With our product, you can easily regulate the control your field agents have in their apps.

Set Task Charges Yourself

You can determine and set charges for each field delivery at your own discretion.

Choose a Package As Per Business Needs

We will assist you chose a package that fits your business needs perfectly.



The Deliv Agent features for agent app allows you to have effective control over the activities of your agent in the field. It allows you to send them tasks, especially the urgent ones, as well as receive updates about a task. You can also know their exact location at any time and with the help of our route optimization, advise them on the easiest and traffic free route. For the agent, the app enables them to effectively plan their movement and receive task updates. By so doing, your delivery will always be timely, providing a last mile delivery solution.

Secure Login

We have taken several steps to ensure that when your agent’s login into our platform, their information is very secure and you don’t have to worry about their account being compromised.

Manage Status (Active/Inactive)

With our solution, you will have an idea of the status of your field agents; if they are active or inactive and why.

Receive and Manage Multiple Tasks

Your agents need to be able to handle multiple tasks on the field if your business is to achieve its aims. Our cloud solution is better than any task management software, allowing your agents to handle several tasks with ease and speed and provide updates along the way.

View and Filter Tasks On Calendar

Your field agents have a calendar where they can view and filter tasks to enable them plan their daily tasks efficiently.

View History (Declined, Cancelled and Completed Tasks)

Your unique business needs require that your agents stay up-to-date and informed, which is why our cloud solution allows your field agents to go through their task history in case they have missed out on a task.

Receive Reminder Push Notifications for Pending Tasks

Agents are human and can forget pending tasks. Your business does not need this, which is why there is a reminder notification to keep your agents on track always.

Smart Route And Navigation With ETA

We monitor traffic for your agents, so they will never be late. Also, your agents will never get lost as we have a superb navigation system, so there will be no traveling salesman problem.

Update Task Status

Your business requires that you get real time updates from your field agents; this product allows your agents to provide regular updates of their locations and task status.

Attach Images And Notes Related To The Tasks

To aid better and faster service delivery, our app allows you to attach images and notes that will help your field agents complete task with ease.

Add Customer Signature And Extra Charges To Invoice

Your business needs to build a strong reputation; you can achieve this by ensuring that customers put in their signature wherever your agent delivers a product or service.


Order tracking and updates via SMS

Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of your business and we help you ensure that your company achieves this. The customer app enables your customer to track his/her delivery, communicate effectively with the delivery agent and get updates on the status of their delivery. By so doing, the customers are part of the delivery process, thus building their trust in your brand.

Receive SMS and Email With Tracking Link, When The Agent Accepts The Task

As soon as the delivery starts, you can notify the customer via SMS and also send them an email link to enable them track their order.

Track The Agent In Real Time

Customers trust your business more when they are involved throughout the delivery process. Real time agent tracking assures customers that their delivery is certain.

Call Agent Directly

With a simple tap, your customers can contact the agent at any time during the deliver process. This adds another dimension to efficient and effective service delivery.

Pay Once Task Is Completed

Assure your customers that their satisfaction is your priority by allowing them to make payment after your agent has completed a task.

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