GPS tracking for small business

The world might have been a huge place to travel for the people of past ages. However, it is fortunate to be alive in the current times to travel, observe, track and monitor everything located in any region of the world. The inhabitants are able to see a range of innovations every year that make their lives comfortable. Besides, corporate sector is one of the chief stakeholders of technology. One such invention and its subsequent improvements is the
GPS tracking for small business.

The US launched first GPS satellite in 1978 but the technology remained commercially unavailable for decades due to absence of appropriate platform. The advent of smartphone revolutionized various industries by incorporating technologies like GPS. This innovation of positioning system alone is the factor behind establishment and consolidation of multiple industries in short period.

For instance, on-demand cab services use GPS for tracking the location of driver and that of passenger. Moreover, the use of GPS fleet tracking for small business is highly successful for safety and resource management of fleet enterprises. The businesses are able to acquire remarkable gains by incorporating the technology.

GPS tracking assists every major business stakeholder with distinct modules.

The most efficient systems incorporate three separate modules for agents, staff and customers. Each module is customized in such a way that they collectively ensure the separation of concerns for each stakeholder.

Module for Customers

E-commerce and e-delivery systems are around for quite some time now, but they lacked the ability to share the current location of delivery agents with customers. People had to wait for excessive time without knowing status on their order. Many customers were unable to receive the ordered item without getting the compensation for lost time.

GPS tracking enables the customers to determine the location of their delivery agents in real-time without having any technical knowledge on the subject. The tracing allows them to estimate the arrival time. The trackers have evolved over the time. Moreover, tracking system embedded in current devices shows narrow streets and alleys too.

The most significant element is the integration of it in smartphones. Thus, the users can fulfill the tracking needs entirely through their mobiles using GPS tracker.

Module for Monitoring Staff

The business management becomes highly efficient by incorporating trackers. GPS tracker for small business is generating significant returns by investing in technology. The leaders at World Courier, a courier delivery service, believe that the early introduction of tracking in mobiles was one of their best decisions. Since the investment generated substantial returns, the firm decides to invest more.

The tracker assists the corporate managers and staff in many ways. It helps them locating the delivery agent at any given time. Such a tracker used in mobile phone also enables them to assist the driver in finding the best route to destination. Most of the systems are sufficiently intelligent to learn by themselves with time so that the managers do not need to find routes manually.

Module for Delivery Agents

Before the advent of delivery tracking systems, many agents had to face penalties due to inefficient performance. In many cases of traditional delivery systems where the services are not optimum, the drivers are have little or no choice. Some urgent orders exceed the deadline since the drivers are unaware of high traffic volume at some junction.

In such circumstances, the GPS tracker serves drivers the best improvement. They can plan the path to destination by assessing the traffic volume at every road from their mobile phones.

GPS satellites ensure remarkable precision while AI enhances automation

Working of GPS

The GPS tracking technology appears simple concept when used on mobile phone. Contrarily, the innovation and its advancement is a result of decades of efforts.

Multiple satellites orbit the earth in a way that they cover every region of the world. Smartphones are embedded with sensors which are capable of receiving signals from satellites. Once the user enables GPS tracking, the phones start sharing real-time location of user. They can also share this location with anyone.

Consequently, the customers and monitoring staff are able to find the current location of agent. Although the user cannot share location without internet connection, yet GPS still works on user’s phone to locate oneself.

Value Addition by AI Integration

Over the past decade, the users have seen a remarkable improvement in GPS navigation. The primary reason is the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This technology enables software to improve itself by assessing the records.

For instance, any user can improve Google maps – the navigation app available pre-installed in android phones – by adding the names of roads, restaurants or any public or private place. For this reason, there is a significant enhancement in precision of Google maps in the past few years. Many tracking apps use Google Map in their systems instead of creating one from scratch.

GPS Tracking Significance in a Nutshell

As a summary, GPS tracking for small business helps in the following ways.

  • Customers get effective estimation of arrival time by finding the location of delivery agents.
  • Managers and staff can optimize the business management and operations by on-time delivery and efficient utilization of resources.
  • Trackers do not only navigate the delivery agents to the customers’ location but also enables them to determine the best path.
  • The integration of AI increases the rate of improvement in performance up to a remarkable degree.
  • The tracking is not limited to cars. Anyone with smartphone can enable tracking and let others locate the user from any part of the world.
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