Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Deliv Agent. The terms and conditions herein directs how you use Deliv Agent websites and services. It is recommended that you study them diligently prior to utilizing our services.

Using our Services

It should be noted that when you agree to make use of our services, you have also consented to our terms. By agreeing to be bound by the outlined terms is for your personal use and with respect to any organization you work for, or you stand for as a representative, and the word “you” as used in this Terms will be taken to refer to you and the entity you work for. In case you are a worker, contractor or making use of our services through or on behalf of a company you are a representative of, permit Deliv Agent that:

Your age is up to the legal limit where you live/work.

You have every needful potential, proper, status and authority to agree to our license on behalf of the company.

By agreeing to our license, such a company will be unquestionably bound by and must adhere to all the T&C of the agreement.

We are entitled to add and remove certain functions and features as time goes on, and this means that our Services will evolve continuously. We retain the tight to stop, suspend, or alter the Services we offer as a whole, or to you specifically as time goes on without reason or previous notice. As we deem fit, we are entitled to remove any content(s) or information from these Services. Every data or document on the Deliv Agent website is copyright protected. This means that, except permission is given, no part of the information on our website can be reproduced through any means or form, if the party does not obtain complete written consent from Deliv Agent.

Confidential Information

You must not tell any affiliate or use the confidential information you get from Deliv Agent for any other purpose apart from what our agreed outlined Services, without getting a written permission from Deliv Agent. “Confidential Information” refers to documents and data, which is unavailable to the public, in any form, which has to do with Deliv Agent’s previous, current or future research, progress or business dealings, forecasts, news that has to do with our services, plans, recent happenings, innovations, financial data, client and supplier lists, and predictions. Gaining access to Confidential data must be limited to your employees who need it for correct utilization of the Services outlined herein. These employees have to be under a legal confidentiality rule(s) that is as strict as that in this service terms. In case a staff of your breaches out Terms, we shall hold you accountable. We expect that you put in the same effort and methods you use to protect the unauthorized use and disclosure of your own confidential information, to protect ours too.

License to Use Our Services

In line with these Terms, we offer you a restricted, unexclusive license, which cannot be transferred to another party that allows you to utilize our services within your company, and not for distribution or reselling to other parties. The right you have to utilize our Services is restricted every T&C outlined in these Terms. Apart from the previous as well as this license offered to you, Deliv Agent and its licensors have every right including all associated “intellectual property rights”. Except it is clearly stated in this terms or allowed by applicable legal regulations, you must not allow any affiliate to:

reproduce, alter, improve, reassemble, redirect, translate, or design their work using our Services;

stop any of our security or technological protocols within the services we provide.

Restricted Areas of the Services

Some aspects of our Services, such as account management parts, is likely to need passwords before registered users. In case you are licensed to have entry to any Password-required parts, you consent that it is totally your responsibility to maintain the privacy of your password, as well as consent to let us know if you lose the password, or it is stolen or disclosed inappropriately or your account has been hacked. You consent that every activity carried out in your account is your responsibility, notwithstanding if you are personally carrying out the activities or not. In case your account is breached, you consent to notifying us immediately.

Access to Our Services

Deliv Agent does not offer you the tools to access our Services, it is your duty to pay for every fee requested by affiliates as regards your access to and utilization of our Services (such as fees requested by Internet service providers). Deliv Agent has the complete discretion to alter or stop, either for a while or permanently, every of sections of its Services with no prior notice. As such, our company is not responsible either to you, your company or any affiliate for any alteration, stoppage or discontinuation of every part of certain aspects of our Services. It is also our sole right and discretion, to out rightly reject material(s) or post(s) from you and to limit or stop your access to our Services anytime we deem fit, without reason or previous notice, and with no liability to us.

Information Security

The aim of our Services is to enable you communicate effectively with your field agents as well as customers, assign your field agents tasks easily and be able to “see” what your field agent is doing. To achieve this, Deliv Agent utilizes GPS and other apps on devices which makes use of the Deliv Agent App. This means that when you utilize our services, certain data is automatically gotten about your customers and agents, including, geographic coordinates, home/office locations, mobile/home phone numbers, as well as names. Thus, you consent to fulfil every useful confidential and information security guideline. Also, you consent that sensitive details that will have a negative effect on Deliv Agent, its clients and related parties will not be sent through this medium.

Pricing Policy

We only issue invoices in USD, after payment are made with a debit/credit card, which will be sent to your registered email every first day of the month. However, we also accept payment via ‘PayTM’ or ‘Paypal’. In the event that an Indian makes payment, the money will be converted to INR according to the official exchange rate at that specific time of making the transaction, and the amount must include the necessary taxes as prescribed by the Indian Government. This means that you have to give us a correct and legal credit/debit card data, while also authorizing us to take the payment for our services from the credit/debit card. We do not charge registration fees; neither do we take taxes for payments. The responsibility of paying taxes lies entirely with you. If you owe us for more than thirty days for our services, Deliv Agent reserves the right to suspend its services, until you make the remittances in full. However, we will offer a seven-day warning before suspending your account.

Privacy Policy

Deliv Agent’s current Privacy Policy is available at www. http://recoveryourdeposit.com/appapi/


Before you assign or sublet any of your rights to another party, you must inform and get a written consent from Deliv Agent. If not, any of such attempt will not be legal. However, Deliv Agent has the right to transfer every of its rights in this T&C to an associate that buys over all its assets or acquires a significant part of its assets to any company into which Deliv Agent merges or affiliates with.

Limitation of Liability

It is not the responsibility of Deliv Agent to handle any negative impact or damages that you may incur by using our website such as loss of revenue, program loss, loss of sensitive data or interruption of business activities.

Feedback Information

Any feedback that is given by a submitter about our services, shall be received by Deliv on a non-confidential basis and owned by Deliv Agent. By providing any feedback you consent that all the intellectual property rights have been passed on to Deliv Agent. Thus, Deliv Agent reserves the right to utilize the information provided on an unrestricted basis.

Modification or Amendment

Deliv Agent reserves the right to alter or amend these T&C as it deems fit, whether or not it sends you a notification and post the altered T&C on its site. By continuing to use our services after the changes, it means you agree to the amendment as posted on Deliv Agent’s website.