Ship Fleet Management Software

Ships travel thousands of miles in the unimaginable depths and breadths of oceans. The challenge of efficiently managing fleet is at the core of marine cargo business development. To ensure seamless growth and revenue stream, the managers need to acquire the leverage of smart technologies. Effective ship fleet management software boosts the profits and expands company’s outreach.

The features of an efficient software system are arguable. Deliv Agent framework with its years of expertise in developing fleet management systems provides a number of features. Fleet managers from around the world are using this software by rebranding our system.

Following are the selection of top features in a fleet software solution as suggested by Deliv Agent analysts.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure in Ship Manager Software

Transforming the technology infrastructure with Cloud is one of the most essential elements for Marine fleet management. Fleet companies cannot afford to lose confidential data. A compromise due to system vulnerability results in loss of classified information. Besides, regulatory bodies also place penalties on victim companies.

Cloud-based infrastructure enables companies to prevent data loss by keeping data in remotely located servers. Moreover, cloud service providers also ensure duplication of client companies’ data to retrieve copy in case of loss.

In traditional businesses, lack of data storage is another principal concern. Extensive fleet operations result in a drastic increase of data with time. This data growth demands more storage. Adding more hardware-based storage on-site is a poor strategy. In a rapidly expanding environment, the resources exhaust quickly. Thus, the cloud platform allows businesses to scale up the volume with time.

In essence, cloud provides a cost-effective, performance-intensive and flexible way to secure and store data.

Tracking and Communication

Without appropriate communication and tracking apparatus, finding ships in oceans is tantamount to searching a needle in a haystack. The staff on ground must remain in continuous contact with the ship crew. Communication prevents life loss in case of an unfortunate incident.

The incorporation of sophisticated marine ship manager technical software systems, enables fleet managers to track marine vehicles in real-time. The improvement in GPS over the years ensures an incredible precision with an error margin of only one meter. Moreover, GPS tracking does not require internet connection as it shares live location with the satellites covering entire earth.

Smart Route Optimization

Tracking is useful for surveillance purposes. However, it is a bad practice to guide routes from ground using current location of a ship. Besides, finding routes using constellation would be ridiculous in 2019. Instead, the ship captains should be able to determine the most appropriate route using relevant optimization software.

Modern route software systems are capable of assisting in optimized route planning using a number of parameters. The parameters of efficient cargo ship management software systems include distance, weather conditions, and international maritime borders of hostile countries.

Keeping separate devices for tracking, communication, and route optimization hikes up costs and increases management load. Fortunately, Deliv Agent framework offers tools integrated into smartphone apps to perform each of these tasks.

Parallel Task Processing with Marine Ship Management Software

Although some of the tasks overlap, yet the functions of ground staff considerably vary with that of ship crew. Besides, there are a number of undocked ships which require simultaneous tracking from staff. Therefore, entire fleet staff on and off the ground need to perform multiple tasks at the same time. In such scenarios, the probability of human error is higher and justified.

It is crucial for companies to incorporate smart technology which capacitates them to perform tasks in parallel. Moreover, Ship crew management software should provide a dashboard with vivid data visualization. The managers should be able to see history of employees, distances covered by vehicles, and revenue statistics.

Data Processing and History Retrieval

Even a small fleet can generate huge amounts of data. The companies have to maintain record of each trip. For instance, some of the variables include traversed distance, route adoption, fuel consumption, number of crew members, and identity of each member. These variables account for only a fraction of the total number of recorded variables.

The system should ensure that storing, retrieving and modifying data do not consume significant time and cost. Effective maritime crew management software should facilitate users by quick data processing. The incorporation of a combination of cloud-based tools ensures incredible efficiency.

Distinct Modules for Sailors and Ground Monitoring Staff

The app should have separate modules for crew members and ground monitoring units. This is crucial to ensure separation of concern and maintain authorized access to resources and assets. For instance, a senior operations manager who is responsible for scheduling from ground should have access to dashboard embedded in mobile app showing data of incoming and outgoing ships. However, a captain of ship should not have access to such information.

The diversity of Deliv Agent solution reflects in the fact that it offers distinct panels for admin and crew. These panels are interconnected with common cloud-based storage.

Software Updates

Software maintenance is not only a daunting challenge for you. Many fleet management companies struggle in procuring, deploying, and maintaining software. A problem in on-site software system may significantly impact the operational protocol and schedule.

Deliv Agent fleet management framework frees managers from such worries. The system is already integrated with features including route optimization, real-time tracking, cloud-based security, and storage infrastructure. Moreover, it also includes a range of other features. Besides, owners can acquire additional functionality as per their business needs.

Our team updates the systems procured from us by companies located around the world. Hence, managers save considerable time and money by outsourcing the tasks of deployment and maintenance to our professional teams.

From procurement to deployment and maintenance, Deliv Agent covers every aspect of your technological incorporation. Get the free trial of our software right now to evaluate its effectiveness.