What Are the Benefits of Agent Tracking Software?

Multiple business industries greatly depend on their field workforce in providing the customers with services they desire. Business owners have been facing different problems and complaints relating to their work agents, that damage the reputation of the organization badly. The reason behind has been identified, which is the lack of participation from the workforce and the dishonesty of some field workforce.

Work agents had been made business owners a fool, resulting in a decrease of customers and a significant loss of business. However, this problem can be solved now via the use of agent tracking software solutions. If you want to know the benefits of agent tracking software, read this article.

An agent tracking software is required to avoid and prevent the employees from cheating you any further, that allows monitoring and keeping track of your agents. As a result, business owners can improve the overall business productivity of the organization as well as boost the performance of their workforce. Businesses that have a field workforce can get benefits of an agent tracking software, providing business owners with ease of mind.

The typical way of field agents to do their work carelessly, spending time other than where they need to, using the facilities and resources of the company to meet their goals can be controlled now with an agent tracking software. It does not mean that all workforce agents are the same. Many of your working agents can be extremely loyal and faithful to you. But the overall output that was expected from your workforce can be achieved with the use of an agent tracking software. It is highly recommended to use agent tracking software to grow your business.

Most business owners and IT companies have their workforce for outdoor sales activities for promoting their products. The sales revenue entirely depends on their productivity. In such a scenario, keeping track of the team becomes altogether essential for the maximum return on investment (ROI). Employee monitoring & tracking has a significant role in improving productivity and boosting performance at a low cost.

Benefits of Agent Tracking Software:

The total time utilized by the workforce can be monitored. A business owner can track the status of the workforce when they are on-duty or off-duty. It allows better evaluation of each employee in a fair and just way with precision. The work agents know that they are monitored and tracked continuously; therefore, this feature prevents anyone from lying or being dishonest. It can also follow the cause of any delay in work.

Business owners always try to do their best that results in improving the business productivity for your organization and their overall work performance improve as well. As you have seen the significant benefits that can be gained, you should have realized why agent tracking software is compulsory in the fast-paced life of today’s technologically advanced world.

Below are some significant benefits of agent tracking software:

1. Timesheet Management:

The workforce operating in the field, the tracking software maintains a complete record of their working hours. The sales agent needs to log into their tracking mobile app while starting the trip and requires to log out at the end of the day. The app records the login and logout time of the day on the timesheet which can be evaluated later while calculating the payments.

2. Distance Calculator:

Calculating the distance traveled by the sales agent is an essential part of reimbursement calculation. With the use of the workforce tracking and management software, you can not only calculate the exact distance but also track the location of the agent in real time along with monitoring the places visited by the agent throughout the day.

3. Location Tracking:

The location tracking features can successfully track the current location of the sales agents, which is a prerequisite for keeping track of their activities.

Workforce for outdoor activities, who are traveling to the client’s office needs to be monitored makes sure that they are actually reached for a meeting, and not sitting anywhere else. By using the tracking software, you can easily track the employee; every movement of the employee can be viewed in the map present in the manager’s dashboard.

Tracking of location is an essential factor for a business owner to check the progress of the workforce in delivering a product or services. It also allows tracking your workforce progress that is being achieved on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It removes the chances of an agent trying to slack off on assigned work. The tracking software purpose is to monitoring employees’ working hours, distance traveled, location tracking, etc.

4. Reimbursement Calculation:

The reimbursement calculation feature allows the agent to send a reimbursement request through the App. The agent can upload the image of the bill of expenses that have used for delivering service. The recorded calculation can be sent to the manager for clearance. As the reimbursement is calculated through the app, it eliminates the chances of ambiguity. Also, the agents cannot make false claims; they will get reimbursed for actual expenses, which they deserve.

5. Schedule Appointment:

By using the app both the agent and the manager can Schedule the appointment. Whether the meeting is fixed by the manager for the agent or the agent sends a request for setting the appointment with the client, in both the cases notifications will be sent to both manager and agent. Along with that, the manager can also view all the prior appointment fixed for the agents in the appointment history section.

Generally, most of the sales workforce who are working in the field, waste their time and do not perform their duties well and misuse the company assets, which leads to great loss. No doubt, many of the agents are sincere to their organizations, but some of them share incorrect information regarding their meetings and field trips to deceive them. Here, tracking software comes into play. Business owners can enjoy great benefits of agent tracking software that can boost their business productivity.

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