What Is the Importance of Tracking Software for Business Productivity

Modern telecommunication networks have provided the ability to track vehicles for many years. Fleet Tracking Software for Business allows tracking a vehicle as long as it contains fuel in the tank and charged battery.

Distributors, maintenance firms, service businesses, retailers, and even governments all require transportation to move their inventory, service technicians and supplies from point A to point B. The fleet industry is expanding day by day, and the report shows there are 259 million total vehicles in the U.S., including private fleets.

Fleets are significant assets that a fleet management software can handle efficiently. Fleet Tracking Software for Business helps companies to monitor their vehicles and drivers, and prevent transportation hiccups.

Fleet tracking software is the best fit to manage your fleet, your drivers, and your specific business needs. Until now, the ability to track smaller pieces of mobile equipment has withdrawn fleet managers because they don’t provide the same abundant energy to a GPS radar that a vehicle does. Thanks to progressions in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technologies that transmit short-range signals using very little energy, allowing fleet managers to track their mobile assets now with greater accuracy.

Mobile Asset Tracking Software:

Asset tracking generally relates to the strength of mobile assets implemented with BLE or RFID tags to follow the GPS data of vehicles with complete GPS asset tracking.

Take an example of a van furnished with full GPS tracking displaying to carry dehumidifiers on a job site and unloads them, the BLE tags record the last known communication with the primary GPS beacon onboard, showing the address of the dropped off location. Consequently, a fleet supervisor can inspect this data and conclude that those eight dehumidifiers are at that address. If another one of the fleet vehicles furnished with full GPS comes to pick up those dehumidifiers, the BLE tags will note that last known location is with that vehicle until they are dropped off at another address.

The Advantages of Mobile Asset Tracking Software:

While GPS asset tracking doesn’t provide the same level of trackability that you get with vehicles, it’s certainly an improvement from no monitoring at all. Recognizing the address of where the assets are located can benefit businesses in many ways:

1. Maximizes Asset Usage:

Every business wants their equipment to provide the most significant return on their investment. If you’re a reconstruction company that needs to omit a dehumidifier at a job site for four days and it requires over a week to get it to another location, you’re mostly getting 50 percent of the potential productivity. With tracking software, it maximized asset usage.

2. Reduces Asset Loss:

Getting the most out of your business is essential, but guaranteeing they don’t go missing altogether is significant. Many service fleets receive equipment loss as a part of doing business and expect changing equipment as a part of their overall running costs. If you’re able to reduce equipment losses by tracking where they’ve been left, you can save money for future business investments.

3. Improves Customer Service:

The innovative short-range method of monitoring assets is still developing. The GPS asset tracking software enhances customer experience.
We provide fleet tracking software that brings efficiency into your business and makes it reliable. Startup businesses, as well as well-established businesses, are getting great benefits from this technology as it brings efficiency and streamlines business processes.

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